A display of an outdoor portrait.Composition, Quality and Focus

The thing I try to remember is to capture the personality of my client. This happens to be a few shots of my youngest daughter while walking along a River together. The dog (Noodle) was getting tired and didn’t want to walk any more. Jamie simply picked him up and put him in her purse. Below are a couple of portraits that were used in a publicity campaign.

It really doesn’t matter if the portrait you’re composing is of a family member, your pet, a street performer or a paying client. Focus on the eyes and be aware of the lighting conditions, because you can use and manipulate light. The composition of the shot should be pleasing and the end result should be of high quality, as well as reflect the end use of the shot. After all is said and done, a family portrait should have a different feel to it than a corporate group shot.

Publicity portraits.


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