Ginkgo Tree

The Ginkgo Tree

A close up shot of the leaves of a Ginkgo tree.

They do look like Taco Shells

This particular tree I’ve photographed started life in Kelowna and has made its way to my backyard in the valley. In the fall these leaves turn a bright yellow. (The red you might see in some of the photos is a result of the shadows) I always thought they looked like little Taco shells.

Here is an article about this tree. I found it fascinating.

Millions of urban dwellers know the ginkgo primarily as a street tree, with elegant, fan-shaped leaves, foul-smelling fruits, and nuts prized for their reputed medicinal properties. But botanist Peter Crane sees the ginkgo as much more — an oddity in nature because it is a single species with no known living relatives; a living fossil that has been essentially unchanged for more than 200 million years; and an inspiring example of how humans can help a species survive. (This according to botanist Peter Crane)


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