More on Desktop Publishing

Desktop Publishing

Once you decide on a project, and there are many, the possibilities are almost endless. In this case I’ve used a series of photos that were originally designed as trading cards.

An example of how out of bounds photography can be used.

I had mentioned Desktop Publishing in my last post on Patterns  and you’ll find some great links on the subject there.

The technique used here is sometimes referred to as out-of-bounds photography or breakout photography where the subject is breaking out of a frame. As I stated early on, these were created as trading cards so the rider’s name, motorcycle number, make, city and province are all listed on the right hand side of the card. The open white space along the bottom of the card is reserved for the yearly stats.

These cards are versatile and can be created for any sports club. Use your imagination and consider this for page layouts in an e-book, a web page layout, advertising or be really creative and try using it in an artistic way.

This type of work can be somewhat time-consuming but is an excellent visual concept. I find it quite enjoyable and very rewarding.


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