Mixed Light

Mixing Light sources and White Balance

Color photo of a sea shell using two light sources.A color photo of a sea shell using two light sources.These two photos were taken on a desk with a standard “Tungsten Lamp” in back and a “Halogen Light” located slightly lower and opposite the back light. The background was a black non reflective cloth. The camera was set on a manual “White Balance” equal to daylight. This gave me a 1/25 second shutter speed at f/3.4 while using 21 mm Macro on 100 ISO. If you think about this for a “wee” bit, you’ll realize you can do this and you can do this on a tight budget.

Another photo of a sea shell, this time with a reflection.The photo on the left was posted on my OST Blog. I’ve linked it to the original post. I’m a little surprised nobody mentioned the reflection is “Photo Shopped” and not a true reflection. I think it looks OK, but I wouldn’t want to try to pass it off as a quality product shot. I’ll get into that a little later.

  • FSTOPPERS has a really good write-up on mixed light
  • Lowel can give you a good understanding of “Color Temperature”

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